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Australian Antarctic Territory

[Australian flag]
                        Adopted 13 Jun 1933
Map of Australian
Antarctic Territory
Map of Heard and
MacDonald Islands
Hear National Anthem
  "Advance Australia Fair" 
(1 Jan 1901)
Chief Stations: Maswson,
Davis, Casey
Currency: Australian Dollar
National Holiday: 26 Jan (1788)
Australia Day
Population: Uninhabited
Seasonal Research Staff
Summer (Jan): 200
Winter (Jul): 62
Total Armed Forces: N/A
Defense is the responsibility of Australia
Merchant marine: None
Number of Year-round
: 3

Summer-only Stations: None
International Organizations/Treaties: WMO

11 Jul 1810            Macquarie Island claimed for U.K. by Frederick
                         Hasselborough and annexed to New South Wales.

24 Feb 1831            Enderby Land discovered by John Biscoe in the whaling
                         brig Tula.
27 Nov 1833            McDonald Island and Heard Islands sighted by British
                         sealer Peter Kemp on brig Magnet.
19 Jan 1840            Wilkes Land is discovered by U.S. Lt. Charles Wilkes.
 9 Jan 1841            Victoria Land claimed for U.K. by Capt. James Clark
25 Nov 1853            Heard Island sighted by U.S. Capt. John Heard on barque

 4 Jan 1854            McDonald Islands sighted by Capt. William McDonald
                         on Samarang.

6 Feb 1874            Heard Island visited by British ship HMS Challenger.
17 Jun 1890
            Macquarie Island transferred to Tasmania.
22 Feb 1902            Kaiser Wilhelm II Land (or the Wilhelm II Coast)
                         discovered and named by German Erich von Drygalski.
25 Mar 1910
           Heard Island and McDonald Islands annexed by U.K. by
                         Anton Evensen master of the whaler Mangoro.
Feb 1912               Queen Mary Land (or Queen Mary Coast) claimed for U.K.
                         and named by Douglas Mawson.
1926 - 1934           
Heard and McDonald Islands leased to a British company
                         in South Africa.
26 Nov - 3 Dec 1929    Heard Island occupied by Sir Douglas Mawson's
                         Antarctic expedition.
13 Jan 1930            Enderby Land is claimed for U.K. by Sir Douglas Mawson.

9 Feb 1931            Princess Elizabeth Land claimed for U.K. and named
                         by Sir Douglas Mawson.

17 May 1933
           Macquarie Island declared a wildlife sanctuary.
13 Jun 1933            British order annexes the part of Antarctica south of
                         60 and between longitudes 45 E and 160 E
(excluding French Terre Adelie 136E to 142E), and
transfers it to Australia.
24 Aug 1936            Transfer of sovereignty to Australia effective, by the
Antarctic Territory Acceptance Act 1933
                         (Australian Antarctic Territory).

 1 Apr 1938            Boundaries with French Terre Adelie are fixed 
                         definitively between longitudes 136E and 142E.
28 May 1947            Australian Antarctic Planning Committee formed which
                         from Aug 1947 operates the Australian National
Antarctic Research Expeditions (ANARE).
26 Dec 1947            Heard Island and McDonald Islands are transferred
                         to Australia by U.K.; Macquarie Island is transferred
                         to Australia and administered by Australian Antarctic
1 Jan 1949            Australian Antarctic Division created to administer
                         Australian Antarctic Territory, McDonald Island
                         and Heard Islands.
19 Dec 1950            Australia assumes full sovereignty over Heard Island.
                         and McDonald
13 Feb 1954           
Mawson Station, first permanent Australian station
                         in Antarctica, opens.
27 Oct 1999            Macquarie Island Marine Park
16 Oct 2002            Heard Island and McDonald Islands Marine Reserve.
31 Aug 2007            Macquarie Island Commonwealth Marine Reserve.


Directors of the Australian Antarctic Division
(in Kingston, Tasmania)
(part of the Australian Department of Environment)
Aug 1947 - Jan 1949        Stuart Alexander Caird Campbell    (b. 1903 - d. 1988)
                             (Officer-in-charge and Chief Executive Officer)
2 Feb 1949 -  2 Dec 1965  Phillip Garth Law                  (b. 1912 - d. 2010)
2 Dec 1965 -  2 Oct 1970  Donald "Don" Franklin Styles       (b. 1916 - d. 1995)
(1st time)(acting)
 2 Oct 1970 -  1 Aug 1971  Bryan Rofe                         (b. 1918 - d. 1971)

1 Aug 1971 - 1972         Donald "Don" Franklin Styles       (s.a.)
(2nd time)(acting)
1972 - 1979                Raymond "Ray" Ivan Garrod          (b. 1917 - d. 2009)

 9 Apr 1979 - Feb 1984     Clarence "Clarrie" Gordon McCue    (b. 1927 - d. 1992) 
Feb 1984 - Apr 1989        James "Jim" Edward Bleasel         (b. 1936?)
(acting to 1985)
Apr 1989 - 23 Nov 1998     Rex Leonard Moncur
(acting to Dec 1989)
23 Nov 1998 - 2009         Anthony "Tony" J. Press
Feb 2009 - Aug 2011        Lyn Maddock (f)                    (b. 1950)
Aug 2011 -  6 Aug 2015     Anthony "Tony" Fleming
 6 Aug 2015 -              Nicholas "Nick" John Gales

Territorial Disputes: Australian Antarctic claim is recognized by France, New Zealand, Norway and U.K., but it is not recognized by the United Nations, U.S., Russia or by most other countries. Administered by Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities. 

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