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September 11, 2001

In Honor of the Victims 
and the Heroes

[World Trade Center] [World Trade Center site, fire man raise U.S. flag] WTC March 12, 2002
      World Trade Center, New York City Images

 For the 2,973 people who perished September 11, 2001 after hijacked planes crashed 
in New York City in Arlington, Virginia and in Pennsylvania. The victims were mothers, fathers,
sisters and brothers of many faiths and races who came from more than 80 nations.
 All who were killed died working and living the American dream.

About the Attack
Media Reaction
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About the Attacks

[Editorial Cartoon by Mike Lane]
Editorial Cartoon by Mike Lane

At the World Trade Center

An earlier terrorist bombing of the towers killed six people on 26 Feb 1993, but left the twin towers standing.

The great majority of the over 40,000 people working at the World Trade Center complex at the time of the attack
were evacuated safely, including 18 who escaped from above the impactzone in the second tower.  By 20 Sep 2001, 
6,291 people, including rescue and recovery workers, had been treated for injuries; only five persons were found alive
in the rubble (David Lim, Will Jimeno and John MacLaughlin of the Port Authority Police, Armando Reno of the
FDNY, and Port Authority Clerk Genelle Guzman).  By 7 Sept. 2002, there  were 2,792 confirmed fatalities and
1,058 bodies identified.  This total includes the 127 people on the  two aircraft (not including the 10 hijackers).  The 
dead included  343 fire fighters of the FDNY including Chaplain Father Mike Judge; and FDNY Chief Peter Ganci;
23 officers of the NYPD; 11 Emergency Service medics (EMS); 1 FBI Agent and 1 Agent of the U.S. Secret Service;
37 Port Authority of  New York and New Jersey police officers including Port Authority Superintendent of Police and
Director of Public Safety Fred Morrone and Port Authority canine officer "Sirius."  Bill Biggart, a photojournalist, also
perished in the collapse of the towers. He was the only journalist killed.

American Airlines flight 11 a Boeing 767 on a morning Boston to Los Angeles flight  (north tower of World Trade
Center).  The plane was hijacked soon after take-off at 8:02 EDT, and was crashed into the north side of the  northern
tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46 AM EDT, approximately between floors 96 and 103.  92 people: 81
passengers (including 5 hijackers, 9 flight attendants, 2 pilots, and also including David Angell,  creator and executive
producer of the television. show "Frasier" were killed.

United Airlines flight 175 a Boeing 767 on a morning Boston to Los Angeles route. On September 11, 2001,   the plane was hijacked and on or about 9:03 AM EDT crashed into the south side of the southern tower of the World Trade Center, approximately between floors 87 and 93, exploding on impact. The plane was carrying 56 passengers and 9 crew members. There were no survivors. 

At the Pentagon 

The Pentagon reported 125 staffers killed or missing, including the highest ranking officer to die,  Lt. General Timothy Maude and Max Bielke, who the last official U.S. combat soldier to leave Vietnam. With 118 remains recovered and identified, as of  Sep 2002. One person died later as a result of wounds sustained. 

American Airlines Flight 77  64 passengers and Crew died. Among the victims was  Barbara K. Olson, a conservative author, lawyer and wife of U.S. Solicitor General, Theodore Olson, as well as two Washington, D.C.  "National Geographic Magazine" staff members, three teachers and three children who were traveling to California on a National Geographic Society sponsored trip.

In Pennsylvania

United Airlines flight 93 was a Boeing 757 on a morning Newark-to-San Francisco route. On 11 Sep 2001 the plane was hijacked by a four man hijacking team. Evidence suggests that the hijacking was apparently thwarted by the efforts of the plane's passengers and flight attendants. The plane crashed southeast of Pittsburgh in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. The plan  was carrying 37 passengers and 7 crew members. There were no survivors.  Todd Beamer, a passenger, tried to place a credit card call but was routed to a customer service representative instead, who passed him on to supervisor Lisa Jefferson. She called the FBI. Beamer reported that one passenger was dead.  He asked if together they could pray the Lord's prayer, which they did.  Later, he told the operator that some of the plane's passengers were planning "to jump" the hijackers. The last words Ms. Jefferson heard from the plane were "Are you ready guys? Let's roll."  The plane crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania at 10:03 AM, killing all aboard.  It is believed that this aircraft was intended to be crashed into the United States Capitol building in Washington, DC, Congress was in session at the time.

U.S. News Media Reaction

[Washington Times, DC  9/11/01]    Washington Times, DC  9/11/01
[New York Daily News 9/14/01]
New York Daily News 9/14/01
[The New London Day, CT  9/12/01]
The New London Day, CT  9/12/01
September 11, 2001 Attack Timeline
Tuesday, September 11, 2001 
     (ironically, it was the United Nations "International Day of Peace")

All times, except where otherwise noted, in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). This is four hours (instead of five) behind GMT because of Daylight saving time.

6:02 AM: Mohammed Atta flies Colgan Air from Portland International Jetport, Portland, Maine to Logan International Airport, Boston, Massachusetts, along with Abdulaziz al-Omari.

6:45 AM: Atta and Omari arrive at Boston's Logan Airport.

7:59 AM: American Airlines Flight 11, a Boeing 767, departs late from Logan International Airport bound for Los Angeles, California. Five hijackers are aboard.

8:13 AM: The last radio communication is made from Flight 11. A recording of what is believed to be Atta's voice says, "Nobody move. Everything will be OK. If you try to make any moves, you'll endanger yourself and the airplane. Just stay quiet." The flight path begins to stray away from the scheduled one and moves southwards.

8:14 AM: United Airlines Flight 175, another fully-fueled Boeing 767, carrying 56 passengers and nine crew members, departs from Boston Logan airport, also bound for Los Angeles. Five hijackers are aboard.

8:19 AM: Betty Ong, a flight attendant on Flight 11 [1] alerts American Airlines of a hijacking in progress via an airphone.

8:20 AM: The Federal Aviation Administration's Boston Center flight controllers decide that Flight 11 has probably been hijacked. American Airlines Flight 77, a Boeing 757 with 58 passengers and six crew, departs from Washington Dulles International Airport in Fairfax and Loudoun Counties, Virginia, for Los Angeles. Five hijackers are aboard.

8:21 AM: Flight 11's transponder signal is turned off but the plane remains on radar screens. (Prior to the 9/11 Commission's report, news organizations reported this time as 8:13 or immediately thereafter.)

8:24 AM: Flight 11 makes a 100-degree turn to the south heading toward New York City. A radio transmission comes from Flight 11: "We have some planes. Just stay quiet, and you'll be okay. We are returning to the airport."

8:25 AM: Boston Center flight controllers alert other flight control centers regarding Flight 11; however, NORAD is not yet alerted.

8:37 AM: Flight 175 confirms sighting of hijacked Flight 11 to flight controllers, 10 miles (16 km) to its south.

8:37:52 AM: Boston Center control notifies NEADS (Northeast Air Defense Sector), the northeast sector of NORAD, of the hijacking of Flight 11, the first notification received by the military, at any level, that American 11 had been hijacked. The controller requests military help to intercept the aircraft.

[World Trade Center Complex graphic (Chicago Tribune)]
WTC Graphic source: Chicago Tribune

 8:43 AM:  FAA notified NORAD that United Airlines Flight 175 from Boston to Los Angles had also been hijacked. Two F-15 jet fighters took off from Otis Air National Guard Base in Falmouth, Massachusetts. 

8:46:26 AM:  American Airlines flight 11 (a Boeing 767) crashes with a speed of less than 490 miles per hour into the north side of the northern tower of the World Trade Center, approximately between floors 94 and 98. The aircraft enters the tower mostly intact. It plows to the building core, severing all three gypsum-encased stairwells, dragging combustibles with it. A massive shock wave travels down to the ground and up again. The combustibles and the remnants of the aircraft are ignited by the burning fuel. Since the building lacks a traditional full cage frame and depends almost entirely on the strength of a narrow structural core running up the center, the fire at the center of the impact zone is in a position to compromise the integrity of all internal columns. People below the severed stairwells in the North Tower start to evacuate; no-one above the impact zone is able to do so.
[World Trade center suposed face of Devil in the smoke ( photo by Mark Phillips)]
     photo by ©  Mark Phillips

8:46 to 10:29 AM: At least 100 people (some accounts say as many as 250), primarily in the North Tower, trapped by fire and smoke in the upper floors, jump to their deaths. There is some evidence that large central portions of the floor near the impact zone in the North Tower collapsed soon after the plane hit.  One person at street level, firefighter Daniel Thomas Suhr, is hit by a jumper and dies. No form of airborne evacuation is attempted as smoke is too dense for a successful landing on the roof of either tower.

8:49:34 AM: The first news and radio organizations report an explosion or incident at the World Trade Center. CNN breaks into a commercial at 8:49. CNN headlines first read "World Trade Center disaster." Carol Lin, who was the first anchor to break the news of the attacks, said: "Yeah. This just in. You're looking at obviously a very disturbing live shot there. That is the World Trade Center, and we have unconfirmed reports this morning that a plane has crashed into one of the towers of the World Trade Center. CNN Center right now is just beginning to work on this story, obviously calling our sources and trying to figure out exactly what happened, but clearly something relatively devastating happening this morning there on the south end of the island of Manhattan. That is once again, a picture of one of the towers of the World Trade Center." Later, Sean Murtagh, CNN vice-president of finance, in an on-air phone call, said from his office in the CNN New York bureau that a large passenger commercial jet hit the World Trade Center. Murtagh was the first network employee on the air. The first email bulletins of breaking news from CNN and MSNBC report "fire at tower of World Trade Center". Both CNN and MSNBC's websites receive such heavy traffic, that many servers collapse. BBC News' website is active and shows a picture of the North Tower on fire. Minutes later, email news bulletins revise the reports of fire to a plane crash.

8:51 AM: A flight controller at the FAA's New York Center notices that Flight 175 had changed its transponder code twice four minutes earlier; he tries to contact the flight.

8:51 to 8:54 AM (approx.): Hijacking begins on Flight 77.

8:53 AM: The F-15s at Otis Air Force Base are airborne. Still lacking an intercept vector to Flight 11 (and not aware that it has already been crashed), they are sent to military controlled airspace off Long Island and ordered to remain in a holding pattern until between 9:09 and 9:13.

8:54 AM: Flight 77 deviates from its assigned course to Los Angeles, turning south over Ohio. Two minutes later, its transponder is turned off.

8:55 AM (approx.): Announcements are made by officials in the still-undamaged South Tower of the World Trade Center that the building is "secure", and that people may return to their offices, over the building-wide PA system. Some do not hear it; others ignore it and evacuate anyway; others congregate in common areas like the 78th floor sky lobby.

8:55 AM: President George W. Bush is at Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida, as part of a scheduled visit to promote education and the Bush administration education policies when Presidential Advisor Karl Rove tells him that a small, twin-engine plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. The president speaks to National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice at the White House; she reports that it was a commercial aircraft.

9:03:13 AM:  United Airlines flight 175 (another Boeing 767) crashes with a speed of about 590 miles per hour into the south side of the South Tower, banked between floors 78 and 84. By this time, several media organizations are covering the first plane crash; millions see the impact live. Parts of the plane leave the building at its east and north sides, falling to the ground six blocks away. Some mistakenly believe that a second explosion has occurred in the North Tower due to the North Tower's obstruction of the South Tower from certain camera angles. They were unaware that a second plane had struck the South Tower. A massive evacuation begins in the South Tower below its impact zone. One of the stairwells in the South Tower remains unblocked from the top to the bottom of the tower, but filled with smoke. This led many people to mistakenly go upwards towards the roof for a rooftop rescue that never came. CNN's headline now reads "Second plane crashes into World Trade Center."

[World Trade center on fire 9-11]

9:06 AM: After brief introductions to the Booker elementary students, President Bush is about to begin reading with the students when Chief of Staff Andrew Card interrupts to whisper to the president, "A second plane hit the other tower, and America's under attack." The president stated later that he decided to continue the lesson rather than alarm the students.

9:08 AM: The FAA bans all takeoffs nationwide for flights going to or through New York Center airspace. ABC reports later that the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the agency that runs the New York-area airports, asked the FAA for permission to close down the New York Center airspace.

9:15 AM (approximately): President Bush leaves the classroom in which he has been reading with students, and enters another, commandeered by the Secret Service. It contains a telephone, a television showing the news coverage, and several senior staff members. The president speaks to Vice President Dick Cheney, Dr. Rice, New York Governor George Pataki, and FBI Director Robert Mueller, and prepares brief remarks[2].

9:18 AM: CNN makes reference to foul play for the first time, stating the FBI was investigating a report of plane hijacking. CNN headline: "AP: Plane was hijacked before crashed".

9:23 AM: Flight 93 receives warning message text from United Airlines flight dispatcher: "Beware any cockpit intrusion- Two a/c [aircraft] hit World Trade Center."

9:29 AM: President Bush makes his first public statements about the attacks, in front of an audience of about 200 teachers and students at the elementary school. He states that he will be going back to Washington, that "we've had a national tragedy", and leads a moment of silence. After the speech, he is bound for Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport and Air Force One.

9:33 to 9:34 AM: Tower supervisor at Reagan National Airport tells Secret Service operations center at the White House that "an aircraft [is] coming at you and not talking with us," referring to Flight 77. The White House is about to be evacuated when the tower reports that Flight 77 has turned and is approaching Reagan International Airport.

9:37 AM: Based on a report that Flight 77 had turned again and was circling back, Vice President Cheney is evacuated from the White House to an underground tunnel leading to a security bunker.

9:37:46 AM:  American Airlines flight 77 (Boeing 757) crashes into the western side of the Pentagon and starts a violent fire. The section of the Pentagon hit consists mainly of newly renovated, unoccupied offices. Barbara K. Olson had called her husband, Solicitor General Theodore Olson at the Justice Department at 9:25 from the plane to tell him about the hijacking and to report that the passengers and pilots were held in the back of the plane. 125 people are killed.

[9-11 Pentagon plane impact site]

9:41 AM: CNN's Breaking News bulletin reads "Reports of fire at Pentagon", its first reference to the incident at the Pentagon.

9:45 AM:  United States airspace is shut down. No civilian aircraft are allowed to take off, and all aircraft in flight are ordered to land at the nearest airport as soon as practical. All international flights headed for the U.S. are redirected to Canada. Transport Canada, the Canadian transportation agency, follows the American lead and closes down their airspace. The FAA announces that civilian flights are suspended until at least noon September 12, while Transport Canada gives similar orders, but until further notice, to take in diverted U.S.-bound international flights, launching the agency's "Operation Yellow Ribbon." The groundings last until September 14. Military and medical flights continue. This is the fourth time all commercial flights in the U.S. have been stopped, and the first time a suspension was unplanned. All previous suspensions were military-related (Sky Shield I-III), from 1960 to 1962. Many newspapers (including The New York Times) mistakenly print that this is the first time flights have been suspended. This was also the first time commercial flights in Canada have been stopped.

9:48 AM:  The U.S. Capitol and West Wing of the White House are evacuated.

[View of the WTC and the Statue of Liberty (National Park Service)]

 9:57 AM: President Bush leaves Sarasota, Florida, on Air Force One. The plane reaches cruising altitude and circles for approximately 40 minutes while the destination of the plane is discussed.

9:59:04 AM:  The South Tower of the World Trade Center collapses, 55 minutes 51 seconds after the impact of Flight 175. Its destruction is viewed and heard by a vast television and radio audience. As the roar of the collapse goes silent, tremendous gray-white clouds of pulverized concrete and gypsum rush through the streets. Most observers think a new explosion or impact has produced smoke and debris that now obscures the South Tower. When the wind finally clears the immediate space, it is plain to see that the tower is

10:03 AM:  United Airlines flight 93 (Boeing 757) crashes southeast of Pittsburgh in Somerset county, Pennsylvania. Some accounts say that the time was 10:06 or 10:10 AM. The first reports from the police indicate that no one on board survived. A passenger reached officials on his cell phone from the plane's rest room, repeatedly claiming that the plane was hijacked and that the call was not a hoax. Later reports indicate that passengers speaking on cell phones had learned about the World Trade Center and Pentagon crashes and at least three were planning on resisting the hijackers. One passenger told his wife that one person had already been stabbed to death by the hijackers. It is likely that the resistance led to the plane crashing before it reached its intended target. A black box recording,
retrieved and later played to relatives of the victims, supports this scenario, and it further
suggests that the passengers succeeded in entering the cockpit. 

10:10 AM:  Part of the Pentagon collapses.

10:11 AM:  Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, home to the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD)  is sealed against attack for the first time.

10:13 AM:  Thousands are evacuated from the United Nations headquarters. 

10:10 to 10:15 AM (approximately): Vice President Cheney, unaware that Flight 93 has crashed, authorizes fighter aircraft to engage the inbound plane, reported to be 80 miles (129 km) from Washington, based not on radar (from which it has disappeared) but speed and trajectory projections.

[September 11 from space: Manhattan spreads a large smoke plume (NASA)]

10:28 AM:  the northern tower of the World Trade Center collapses from the top down, after burning approximately 103 minutes in a fire caused by the impact of American Airlines flight 11. The fact that the northern tower withstood much longer than the southern one is later attributed to three facts: the region of impact was higher, the speed of the airplane was lower, and the affected floors had their fire proofing upgraded.  The evacuated Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church is destroyed by falling debris. The collapse is registered as a 2.3 magnitude quake on seismographs.

10:35 AM  (approximately), police are reportedly alerted about a bomb in a car outside the State Department in Washington, D.C.. Later reports claim that nothing happened at the State Department. 

10:39 AM:  another hijacked jumbo jet is claimed to be headed for Washington, D.C. F15s are scrambled and patrol the airspace above Washington, D.C. while other fighter jets sweep the airspace above New York City. According to (unconfirmed) rumors they have orders to shoot down any potentially dangerous planes that do not comply with orders given to them via radio. 

10:45 AM: CNN reports that a mass evacuation of Washington and New York has been started. The UN headquarters are already empty. A few minutes later, New York mayor Rudy Giuliani orders an evacuation of lower Manhattan.

10:50 AM: five stories of the Pentagon collapse due to the fire.

10:53 AM: New York's primary elections are canceled.

11:16 AM:  American Airlines confirms the loss of its two airplanes.

11:17 AM:  United Airlines confirms the loss of Flight 93 and states that it is "deeply concerned" about Flight 175. 

11:53 AM:  United Airlines confirms the loss of its two airplanes. 

11:55 AM: the border between the U.S. and Mexico is on highest alert, but has not been closed. 

12:00 PM (approximately): President Bush arrives at Barksdale Air Force Base in
Louisiana. He was on a trip in Sarasota, Florida to speak about education, but is supposedly now returning to the Capital. He made a brief and informal initial statement to the effect that terrorism on U.S. soil will not be tolerated, stating that "freedom itself has been attacked and freedom will be protected." 

12:01 PM (approx.): Fourteen people, including twelve firefighters, who were in a section of a stairwell in the North Tower that held together during the collapse, climb the stairs to the top of the Ground Zero rubble field.

12:02 PM:  the Taliban government of Afghanistan denounces the attacks. 

12:04 PM:  Los Angeles International Airport, the intended destination of American Airlines flight 11 and flight 77, as well as United Airlines flight 175, is shut down. 

12:15 PM:  San Francisco International Airport, the intended destination of United Airlines flight 93, is shut down. 

1:00 PM: approx. At the Pentagon, fire crews are still fighting fires. The early response to the attack had been coordinated from the National Military Command Center, but that had to be evacuated when it began to fill with smoke. 

1:04 PM:  President Bush puts the U.S. military on high alert worldwide. He speaks from Barksdale Air Force Base and leaves for SAC bunker in Nebraska. 

1:27 PM  Mayor Anthony A. Williams of Washington, D.C., declares a state of emergency; the National Guard arrives on site. 

2:39 PM: At a press conference New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is asked to estimate the number of casualties at the World Trade Center. He replies, "More than any of us can bear."

2:50 PM: President Bush arrives at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska to convene a National Security Council teleconference via the US Statcom bunker.

3:00 PM (approx.): Pasquale Buzzelli, who lost consciousness in a North Tower stairway during the collapse, awakens to find himself lying atop the debris with only a fractured foot.

4:25 PM:  The New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and the American Stock Exchange report that they will remain closed Wednesday September 12.

4:36 PM: President Bush departs Offutt Air Force Base on Air Force One to return to Washington, D.C.

5:20 PM:  7 World Trade Center, a 47-story building that had sustained what was originally thought to be light damage in the fall of the twin towers and was earlier reported on fire, collapses. The building contained New York's emergency operations center, operated by the NYC Office of Emergency Management, originally intended to respond to disasters such as the September 11 terrorist attacks.

6:00 PM:  Explosions and tracer fire are reported in Kabul, Afghanistan, by CNN and the BBC. The Northern Alliance, involved in a civil war with the Taliban government, is later reported to have attacked Kabul's airport with helicopter gunships.

6:00 PM: Iraq announces the attacks are the fruit of "U.S. crimes against humanity" in an official announcement on state television. 

6:00 PM: The last of the aircraft headed for the U.S. to land at a Canadian airport lands at Vancouver International, since it was over the Pacific.

6:54 PM:  President Bush arrives at the White House. 

7:30 PM:  U.S. Government denies any responsibility for reported explosions in Kabul. 

8:00 PM (approx.): Port Authority Police Officer Will Jimeno, who was in an underground corridor between the two towers, is found alive in the rubble.

8:30 PM: President Bush addresses the nation from the White House. Among his phrases: "Today, our fellow citizens, our way of life, our very freedom came under attack in a series of deliberate and deadly terrorist acts," "Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America. These acts shatter steel, but they cannot dent the steel of American resolve," and "The search is underway for those who are behind these evil acts...we will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them."

9:00 PM: President Bush meets his full National Security Council, followed roughly half an hour later by a meeting with a smaller group of key advisers. Bush and his advisers have evidence that Osama bin Laden is behind the attacks. CIA Director Tenet says that al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan are essentially one and the same. Bush says, "Tell the Taliban we're finished with them."

11:00 PM:  There are reports (later proved wrong) of survivors buried in rubble in New York making cell phone calls. Only two more survivors will be pulled from the rubble on September 12.

Wednesday, September 12, 2001 

Before 3:15 AM: Boston Herald reports that at least five Arab men have been identified as suspects. Two of them were brothers, and one a trained pilot. Their passports have been traced to the United Arab Emirates. A car, rented in Portland, Maine, has been seized from the Logan Airport garage, containing flight training manuals in Arabic. According to CNN, FBI can neither confirm nor deny this. The men had been in a fight with a man shortly before take-off; this man later recalled the incident and called the police. 

Before 3:50 AM: Jerusalem Post reports that Osama Bin Laden has given a speech denying all connections to the attacks, which he called admirable.

10:00 AM: Congress reconvenes. 

10:53 AM: President George W. Bush holds a cabinet meeting, saying that the attacks "were more than acts of terror. They were acts of war." 

12:30 PM (approximately): Genelle Guzman-McMillan is pulled from the rubble of the north tower of the World Trade Center, and is the last person pulled out of the buildings' collapse zones alive.

5:00 PM:  Attorney General  John Ashcroft announces that some of the hijackers were pilots trained in the U.S. 

7:00 PM:  Candlelight vigils are held in Washington Square, Union Square, Central Park, and various other locations in New York City.

Thursday, September 13, 2001 

[September 13, 2001: A New York City firefighter looks up at what remains of the South Tower.]

The data recorder from United Airlines flight 93 is recovered. 

Before 1:00 AM: German police raid an apartment in Hamburg, apparently at the behest of the FBI, believed to have been used by suspect passengers on the airline flight list. It is believed to be the first police action outside the U.S. connected with the attack. Two people are taken into provisional custody, one is an airport worker. Both were later released, but re-arrested in late 2002. 

It is announced that Ahmed Shah Massoud, a military leader of the Northern Alliance, died on September 9 from wounds received during a Taliban suicide attack. 

On the orders of Elizabeth II, the 'Star-Spangled Banner' is played during the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. This unprecedented act was witnessed by a huge crowd, many singing along. 

At the orders of Vladimir Putin, Russia observes a moment's silence at noontime (Moscow time) with flags placed at half-staff throughout Russia "in memory of terrorist acts' victims" . 

Fighting back tears, President Bush vows that America will "lead the world to victory" over terrorism in a struggle he termed the first war of the 21st century. 

Reaction of World Leaders 

   "On September the eleventh, enemies of freedom committed an act of war against our country. Americans have
 known wars but for the past 136 years, they have been wars on foreign soil, except for one Sunday in 1941.
 Americans have known the casualties of war but not at the center of a great city on a peaceful morning. Americans
 have known surprise attacks but never before on thousands of civilians. All of this was brought upon us in a single day
 and night fell on a different world, a world where freedom itself is under attack.... 
    We are not deceived by their pretenses to piety. We have seen their kind before. They are the heirs of all the
 murderous ideologies of the 20th century. By sacrificing human life to serve their radical visions - by abandoning every
 value except the will to power - they follow in the path of fascism, and Nazism, and totalitarianism. And they will
 follow that path all the way, to where it ends: in history's unmarked grave of discarded lies.... The course of this
 conflict is not known, yet its outcome is certain. Freedom and fear, justice and cruelty, have always been at war, and
 we know that God is not neutral between them.  This is not, however, just America's fight. And what is at stake is not
 just America's freedom. This is the world's fight. This is civilization's fight. This is the fight of all who believe in
 progress and pluralism, tolerance and freedom....Great harm has been done to us. We have suffered great loss. And
 in our grief and anger we have found our mission and our moment. Freedom and fear are at war. The advance of
 human freedom - the great achievement of our time, and the great hope of every time - now depends on us. Our
 nation - this generation - will lift a dark threat of violence from our people and our future. We will rally the world to
 this cause, by our efforts and by our courage. We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail... I will not forget
 this wound to our country, or those who inflicted it. I will not yield - I will not rest - I will not relent in waging this
 struggle for the freedom and security of the American people." -President George W. Bush

 " I was stricken by news and television pictures coming from the United States this morning. It is impossible
to fully comprehend the evil that would have conjured up such a cowardly and depraved assault upon
thousands of innocent people.  There can be no cause or grievance that could ever justify such unspeakable
 violence.  Indeed, such an attack is an assault not only on the targets but an offense against the freedom and
 rights of all civilized nations. "  - Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, Canada 

 "There can be no doubt that these attacks are deliberate acts of terrorism, carefully planned and coordinated
 and as such I condemn them utterly. Terrorism must be fought resolutely wherever it appears."  - United
 Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan

 Queen Elizabeth II said she was watching developments in "growing disbelief and total shock."

 "this terrible tragedy.... the entire  international community should unite in the struggle against terrorism 
 this is a blatant challenge to humanity." - President Vladimir Putin, Russia

 "France is deeply upset to learn of the monstrous attacks that have just struck the United States....  In these
 terrible circumstances, all French people stand by the American people. We express our friendship and
 solidarity in this tragedy." - President Jacques Chirac, France

 "Our hearts are with you and we are ready to provide any assistance at any time....This is a war between good
 and evil and between humanity and the bloodthirsty."  -Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Israel

 "It was with horror that I learned of the abominable terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New 
 York and the Pentagon in Washington in which so many innocent people have lost their lives. My government
staunchly condemns these acts of terrorism. The German people are at the side of the United States of America
in this difficult hour. I wish to express my deep-felt condolences and complete solidarity to you and  the American
people. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families."  -German Chancellor Gerhard

 "There have been the most terrible, shocking events taking place in the United States of America within the last
couple of hours.... We can only imagine the terror and carnage there and the many, many innocent people who have
lost their lives .... perpetrated by fanatics who are utterly indifferent to the sanctity of human life, and we, the
democracies of this world, are going to have to come together to fight it and eradicate this evil completely from our
world." -Prime Minister Tony Blair, United Kingdom

 "An attack on one is an attack on all" -NATO Secretary-General Lord Robertson after the alliance's 19 
 ambassadors decided to invoke Article 5 of the NATO charter for the first time in the alliance's history.

"this outrageous and vicious act of violence against the United States is unforgivable." -Prime Minister 
 Junichiro Koizumi, Japan

 "Irrespective of the conflict with America it is a human duty to show sympathy with the American people,
 and be with them at these horrifying and awesome events which are bound to awaken human  conscience."
- Libyan Leader Moammar Gadhafi

 "We want from here to express our solidarity and our support to all the victims of these acts of terrorism and 
their family members. We reiterate our complete, emphatic rejection of all forms of violence and all forms of
terrorism." - Mexican President Vicente Fox

 "I send my condolences, and  the condolences of the Palestinian people to American President Bush and
 his government and to the American people for this terrible act....We completely condemn this serious 
operation.... We were completely shocked.... It's unbelievable, unbelievable, unbelievable."  -Palestinian  
Authority President Yasser Arafat 

 "Egypt firmly and strongly condemns such attacks on civilians and soldiers that led to the deaths of a  large number
of innocent victims." - Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

 "I wish to express, on behalf of the Chinese Government and people, our deepest sympathy and solicitude
 to you and, through you, to the Government and people of the United States. I wish also to extend our condolences
to the families of the victims. The Chinese Government has consistently condemned and rejected all forms of
terrorist violence." - Chinese President Jiang Zemin

 Mohammad Khatami, President of Iran, said he felt "deep regret and sympathy with the victims." and said
 "it is an international duty to try to undermine terrorism."

 "these monstrous criminals  have demonstrated a vile and brutal affront against humanity." -Prime Minister
Silvio Berlusconi, Italy

 "Cuba laments and expresses its profound sadness for the loss of so many innocent lives and expresses our
 absolute rejection of acts of terrorism, wherever they may come from."  -Foreign Minister Felipe Perez
 Roque, Cuba

 "I hurry to express to you and your fellow citizens my profound sorrow and my closeness in prayer for the nation
at this dark and tragic moment." -Pope John Paul II

 "It is premature to level allegations against a person who is not in a position to carry out such attacks, it was a
well-organized plan and Osama has no such facilities."" -Mullah Abul Salam Zaeef,  Taliban Ambassador to

 "And just as your beautiful skyscrapers were destroyed and caused your grief, beautiful buildings and precious
homes crumbled over their owners in Lebanon, Palestine, and Iraq by American weapons.... Americans should
feel the pain they have inflicted on other peoples of the world, so as when they suffer, they will find the right solution
and the right path. " - Iraqi President Saddam Hussein

 "No, we did not do this, and we are not with you." -Ayatollah Khamenei, Iranian Supreme Religious Leader

 "This place may be bombed, and we will be killed. We love death. The U.S. loves life. That is the big difference
between us." -Osama bin Laden, to a visiting reporter 26 Nov 2001. 

The International Death Toll of September 11, 2001

Areas in blue had citizens killed the attacks.

World map showing international toll of September 11 terrorist attacks

 Antigua & Barbuda
 Czech Republic
 El Salvador
 The Gambia
 Hong Kong
 The Netherlands
 New Zealand
 South Africa
 South Korea
 Sri Lanka
 St. Kitts & Nevis
 St. Lucia
 St. Vincent & the
 Trinidad & Tobago
 United Kingdom
 United States
                                           (Source: International Information Programs, U.S. State Department) 

Inspirational Quotes

[WTC beam twisted into a cross]
       One of the several iron beams twisted into the
       shape of cross that were found at the WTC site.
[National Day of Prayer at National Cathedral]
National Day of Prayer at National Cathedral, 
Washington D.C. 9/14/01
 (Left to right: Back row: Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert; President Jimmy Carter
and Mrs. Carter, President Ford and Mrs. Ford, Al and Tipper Gore; Front row: 
President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush, President George H. Bush and
Barbara Bush, President Bill Clinton, and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton)


"Those who believe in God know that evil and death do not have the final say."
 -Pope John Paul II

 "The city is going to survive, we are going to get through it, It's going to be very, very difficult time.
I don't think we yet know the pain that we're going to feel when we find out who we lost, but the
thing we have to focus on now is getting this city through this, and surviving and being stronger for
it." - Rudolph Giuliani, Mayor of New York City

"World trade means world peace and consequently the World Trade Center buildings in New
York ... had a bigger purpose than just to provide room for tenants. The World Trade Center is
a living symbol of man's dedication to world peace ... beyond the compelling need to make this a
monument to world peace, the World Trade Center should, because of its importance, become
a representation of man's belief in humanity, his need for individual dignity, his beliefs in the
cooperation of men, and through cooperation, his ability to find greatness."  - Minoru Yamasaki,
chief architect of the World Trade Center

"America has its faults as a society, as we have ours. But I think of the Union of America born out
of the defeat of slavery.  I think of its Constitution, with its inalienable rights granted to every citizen
still a model for the world. I think of a black man, born in poverty, who became chief of their
armed forces and is now secretary of state Colin Powell and I wonder frankly whether such a thing
could have happened here.  I think of the Statue of Liberty and how many refugees, migrants and
the impoverished passed its light and felt that if not for them, for their children, a new world could
indeed be theirs.  I think of a country where people who do well, don't have questions asked
about their accent, their class, their beginnings but have admiration for what they have done and
the success they've achieved.  I think of those New Yorkers I met, still in shock, but resolute; the
fire fighters and police, mourning their comrades but still head held high." - British Prime
Minister Tony Blair 

"Yeah though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou are't
with me." -Psalm 23

"Out of the depths of sorrow and sacrifice will be born again the glory of mankind." - Prime
Minister Winston Churchill

"Atrocity and terror are not political weapons, and to those who would use them -their day is
over. We will never negotiate, we will not tolerate it, and we will not be afraid....its your turn to be
afraid." - actor Harrison Ford as President James Marshall in the movie "Air Force One"

"The future does not belong to the faint-hearted, it belongs to the brave." -President Ronald

"Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight, Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and
be gay,  Rage, rage against the dying of the light. " -Dylan Thomas

"And surely I am with you always even unto the very end of the age." Matthew 28:20 

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